a little challenge here, partner.
The movie and TV cowboys, as we have come to know them, were quite an entertaining
bunch of actors who kept kids riveted in their movie seats for years with exciting
entertainment. There was the GOOD guys and the BAD guys. The GOOD against the

A myth though, was that the GOOD guys were the ones wearing the white hats, while the
BADDIES wore the black ones. Truth be told, many a  good guy wore a black hat. But, no
matter what hat a good guy wore, we knew our heroes.

Back in a simpler time, generations escaped into a world  pretty much created by
Hollywood. There was lot's of action, riding, roping, cattle drives, showdowns on Main
Street, drunken barroom brawls,-and no cowboy movie could make it with the kids if there
wasn't a whole cast smashing up a barroom! It was a fight usually started by a bad guy, of
course, and usually because the good guy just entered and he just didn't like that!

O.K., Let's take a little quiz  to see how many actors you can name in the following
photos. You need only name the movie star, because some played many characters for
years, -especially the BAD guys.
If you can give the actors TV or most popular stage name as well, I suspect you're
cheating, "Yer young whippersnapper!!!"

By the way, the actor that used that phrase is pictured below. Extra points if you find him.

        GOOD LUCK!


So, how are you making out?
This page is under construction, but there will be more photos soon!