4th of July Parade 2007  Natick, MA
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Rex is all smiles as he gets set for
another Natick 4th of July ride down
Rt. 27
Goldrush #4(!), is getting ready for his
FIRST 4th of July ride in Natick.
What a beautiful horse! His rider and
caretaker,here, is Ms. Karen Gauthier.
Great job there Karen and nice to
meet you!
Hey gang,LOOK! It's
David Rich!
What a great guy!
You remember him as
a magician on the
Boomtown shows of
the 1970's.
Here he is with son
Jamie and wife Tami
meeting up with Rex
before the parade.
Stephen Baer,(on the left), went with Rex on
those ever popular Crimson Travel Tours.
Skip Boucher,(on the right), was the
Production Coordinator on Boomtown in the
early 1960's.
Here, Skip, puts Rex under a hypnotic spell
he's been practicing.
OH REX! Ya ruined Stephen's Pic!


Ya know, in all the pics I have of Rex,
this is the very first one where he's caught
blinking! And to be fair, he didn't know I was
taking the picture.
- Don't worry Stephen, we'll make up for it
another time!!!
And here he comes!
You did a great job with
the banner gang!
Here's Michele West.
She says she takes a
bad photo. Ya right,
Michele! I can't find
one!!!! GREAT smile!
(Site viewers have to
agree that Rex had  
beautiful cowgirls in the
HEY! There's Pudge Flynn back
He worked on the old Boomtown
show too! Great guy, funny too!
This SUPER lady is
Rex Trailer's daughter!
Her name is
Jillian Trailer-Rollock.

Jillian tells you a little
bit about her dad in
Boomtown Gold
DVD, which you can
order via a link on my
Music Page.

Hope she visits my site
soon. I'll bet she has
great stories of her
dad and memories of
the show.
The crowd whoops-it-up
"Let me GO! I wanna be in the
parade too!!!"  Haha!
Now, this stuff
happens all
the time!
Turn around!
You're on Boomtownmemories.com
-Gotta love it!
The John penny Band played great
songs for Rex on the float in front of
him. They were SUPER!
Rex sang songs the entire route of the
parade. Right into Natick Center!
(nice shot skip! thanks!)