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'The 18th annual Radio/TV Classics Live'
                           followed the Hall of Fame awards.
Guest stars were Betsy Palmer, Rosemary Rice, Robert Horton, and Will Hutchins.
Master of Ceremonies was none other than Barry Nolan. Other participants included
Jordan Rich, Robin Young, Len Zola, Rod Fritz, Laurie Kirby, Alice Duffy, Steve Buckley,
Tom Boyer, Don Bravo, Donald Buka, Bart Curtis and the one and only, Ken Meyer!!!

Robert Horton

'Wagon Train'
'A Man Called
Kenny Meyer is
a legend himself
in Boston!
He frequently
visits late night
radio doing his
Old-time Radio
trivia shows.
He has hosted
'Radio Classics
Live' on station
WATD-95.9 FM
for over 30

Here he inter-
views Rex and
Now for some pictures of you Rex Trailer friends and fans!
***** If you see yourself pictured here, contact me with your Rex Trailer or Boomtown Memory!
Here is one

His name is
Pat Benti.

He's a good friend of
Rex and has a musical
connection with him.

Pat also is Executive
Director of
(Friends Against
Musical Exploitation
of Artists). His non-profit
group could use your

Visit his site for more
Here's another big Rex Trailer fan,
George Downes.
I just love it when I see fans get so
excited to meet Rex!
I mean, c'mon!
Look at the eyes on everyone
meeting Rex!
Rex is just as excited to meet
all his fans!
All his 'kids' have grown-up,
but when we see this guy and
he sees us, it's yesterday, all
over again!
Looks like this gentleman has
got Rex thinking back,......
and ya know, I'd put money on
it that Rex remembers
whatever it was!
Now, if you made it, I know you enjoyed both
evenings and the 'Oldtime Radio' shows!

So click on this link for another Radio Program
you will enjoy!
O.K. gang, time to ride! So,...until we
meet again! -Bobby Jordan