Goldrush is his name. Did you remember?

This is Goldrush. Actually, he is Goldrush the 3rd.
Goldrush is 1/2 Saddlebred and 1/2 Quarterhorse. He is now
28 years old. Yup, he's getting up there in age, but he's hang-
in there,- a real trooper. He makes a few public appearances
every year as a parade horse,mostly. I won't tell you where he is
stabled, but the lady who takes care of him is Dida Hagen, who
I saw at one of the Boomtown reunions last year. She was
having a great time at this really super event and was up on
stage with the cast of the show and got to say a few words. I
thought it was really nice to have her up there.

When I interviewed Rex for my website, I mentioned that in the
early years of the program, (and I'm talking around 1957, the
second season or so), his DVD shows a home movie clip where
he's riding Goldrush at full gallop doing rodeo stunts across the
street from the station and down a track,(the Metropolitan
Raceway as it was known as back then). I was kinda stunned to
be seeing this! I mean, Rex was vaulting and standing on
Goldrush's back with his arms outstretched,(this is called a
Roman Stance), I mean really wild stuff here !
I asked him WHAT was he thinking?!!! I mean as entertaining
as it was, a little slip and his new tv career in Boston is OVER!
Rex agreed with me! He said it wasn't HIS idea! He didn't want
to do it! The producers knew he had been a rodeo star and they
wanted some rodeo stunts. Rex tried to talk them out of it,
saying that Goldrush was a parade horse not a trick-riding
horse! If they wanted him to do tricks, they'd have to get him a
trick horse. Well, they wanted him to ride Goldrush and that
was that. So then I asked Rex how he got Goldrush to go along
with this. Well,he had to come up with something. He told me
that back then, Pablo had a donkey who shared a stable with
Goldrush. It seems the two had quite a friendship and really
liked being together. They did not like being apart. Rex got
Pablo to bring his donkey down to the end of the trotting track
so Goldrush could see him and that's about all the inspiration
his horse needed to gallop on down. What a behind the scenes
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