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Rex Trailer- still performing and still riding.
- He's just doin' what he loves to do.
Now, learn how he became   
New England's very own Cowboy !
- 20 Years on WBZ TV ch.4 !
Think You Know About Rex Trailer???


* Rex Trailer is FAR more than the star of  TV's "

* Well, first of all, Rex Trailer is a REAL COWBOY, so let's get
THAT  straight with you!

* He grew up on a Quarter Horse ranch in Texas.

* He was a Trick Rider, Roper and master of the bull whip in     
  the Rodeo (and later on TV).

* He's a  veteran of several TV Shows BEFOREand AFTER        
  'Boomtown'  (in Boston, New York  and Phillidelphia)and         
   has appeared in several major movies.

* Rex is the
very first inductee to the Massachusetts                  
Broadcaster's Hall of Fame.
*  A recording artist, he was inducted into the Massachusetts
Country Music Hall of Fame
in 2000.
+ He received both 'The
Silver and GOLDEN Circle Awards       
The Acadamy of Television Arts and Science's!!!  

* He has been a Professor at Boston's Emmerson                      
   College for more than 30 years, where he helped launch        
   many broadcast careers.

* He rode '
Goldrush' in several parades each year for over 35  

* A licensed pilot, his first solo was at age 14!
* He had 5,000 hrs. fixed wing time.
* He's parachuted!!!  He had 18 jumps.
* He owned the most successful helicopter transportation co.  
   in the nation!

* He's a scuba diver! He's dived with Edward Rowe Snow, the  
  famous New England author  a New England historian            
  who wrote many books about area Pirates, Lighthouses and  
  ghosts in our area. A frequent guest on Boomtown, Snow,       
  was also the  "Flying Santa" to the lighthouses.

* He's water skied the Charles River live on Boomtown with      

* He's been 'Paul Revere'  in re-enactments!
One year he rode from Boston to Philadelphia to meet the         
Continental  Congress!
* His work with children's charities and love for injured               
  animals has been life- long.

Now, aside from all this,...........
* He runs a professional video company,- RTV Productions

* He does Old Time Radio (visit  the 'NEWS' page on this site   
  and scroll to
Colonial Radio for website and more info).

* He's Certified Hypnotherapist!

He's even available for private parties!

How TOUGH is Rex Trailer ?  
Well, aside from all the stunt injuries in being a cowboy,
he has:
* Survived a plane crash
* He's been hit broadside by an 18-wheeler and
walked away from a demolished car.

And oh yea, ......something else:
* He's been bitten by a Rattlesnake !

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                     Rex performed Aug.19th at the
      Massachusetts Country Music Awards Association                                   
                              Hall of Fame Show!!!
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Rex Trailer, a Rodeo Trick Rider, captured on home movie film riding Goldrush on the
      New England Raceway across  from the WBZ Studios in Brighton,MA.
 This is one of the many surprises you'll find in the
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Rex Trailer rode into the lives  
of Boston "Baby Boomers" in
April of 1956.

His BOOMTOWN show was  on
WBZ TV for 20 years! Rex still
lives and works in the Boston

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    Do you remember when Rex Trailer
  saved the life of 'Ernie', the family dog?

  Rex Trailer and Sgt. Billy Dec.9th at    
 Cafe On The Common
677 Main Street   
Waltham, MA

Scroll way down to read the story!
Rex Trailer, host of WBZ-Tv's BOOMTOWN,
was honored yesterday  (March 10, 1973) by
the Animal Rescue League of Boston for his
heroism in saving a dog's life.

  The League's Humane Heroism  Award was presented to the
children's star on his television program by Dr. Carlton Buttrick,
president of the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Surprise       
 guests of honor at the ceremony were Mary and Tom Johnson
of Wayland, age 9 and 11, and their grateful dog Ernie.

The 1 1/2 year old mongrel left the home of his owners, Mr. and
 Mrs. Robert Johnson and their seven children, on the morning
 of January 10. During the commuter rush hour, he was struck
 by a car on Rte. 20 and suffered a broken hip. More than 150
 cars passed him before Rex Trailer, who lives in Sudbury,
 risked his own safety to rescue the animal and take him to a

Dr. Buttrick commended Trailer for his "truly humane action on
 behalf of a helpless animal". The Humane Heroism Award is
 presented "in recognition of an act of heroic kindness
 contributing to the safety, health and well-being of a member
 of the animal kingdom.

Taking part in the presentations are (l to r) Dr. Buttrick, Trailer,
 David and Mary Johnson.
 Seated on floor are Tom, John, Ernie, Ben and Ann Johnson.