The cast of boomtown
Many people made up the 20 year cast on the Boomtown

Here I have included some photos taken of some cast
members who attended a 50th reunion night at the
Jimmy Tingle off Broadway Theatre,back on July 19th,2006.

If you were a cast member,
or you have photos of the cast, I
will be glad to post them up.

In fact, any Boomtown photo or personal collection photo of                           
the cast  members sent in,will find it's way somewhere on this

                      Thank you for any submissions!

                                       On stage with Billy O'Brien a.k.a. Sgt.Billy

On the left,we have Lou Ciarfella a.k.a. 'The Chief'.
The full name was 'Chief Black Eagle',and he was cast very early on.

Richard Kilbride,played 'Pablo', Rex's first sidekick.

Terrence Currier,played 'Cactus Pete',Rex's second sidekick.
Both of these actors were very talented and were very popular with the kids.
If you have photos of the cast,send them in, please!

Here on the left side, we have Sam Donato who played 'Uncle Sam' .              
                           He also had a band called
'Uncle Sam's Love Thy Neighbor Ragtime Band'.