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                  December 18,2011
 Rex premieres a long lost skit from his Boomtown show!
Rex sat in Waltham's Cafe' on the Common and entertained the "Boomies"
with stories from the show and signed autographs for the gathering.
The long lost episode from Boomtown
was titled: "Pablo's Used Cars" and it starred
Rex with his very first side-kick,

Pablo was played by Dick Kilbride and I was
simply floored when I was approached by
his younger sister and brother, who brought
along this fabulous framed photo of Dick!
I mean,
look at this photo!!!

Thank you both so much for introducing            
yourselves and showing this photo to me!
  Rex and myself enjoying   
  an afternoon back in
Sept. in New Hampshire  
"Filene's Basement" and "Boomtown Gold"
Producer, Mike Bavaro with Rex prior to     
the start of Natick's 4th of July Parade,
         year 2011
  Another great fan in attendance was Thomas Dunn. Tom shared this         
  photo taken at a public appearance Rex made in Fitchburg. Once printed,  
  Tom brought it to Waltham for Rex to sign, which he gladly did. THANKS   
  for sharing there, fellow 'Boomie'!  

The 4th of July Parade enters Natick Ctr., MA  -2012
-Pardon the camera shake, I'm driving here!!!)