50th annaversary

Had Boomtown not been cancelled by the big network (looking to push their  news programs, Rex Trailer would very
possibly still be doing his children's show.

So you think he just called it a career and retired to the simple life, right?


Instead, Rex has been on the road for what would have been the 50th birthday party for Boomtown. He's out there
with producer Michael Bavaro,sometimes with cast and former crew members and friends, bringing personal
screenings of 'Boomtown Gold' out to his many fans and to the film community. With him he usually has an ample
supply of DVD's and souvineers for his fans who are so pleased to see him back,(he never really left), in the public

Let me tell you, Rex is one busy guy! How he finds the time to do all these shows, make personal
appearances(birthday parties,corporate events,you name it), run his business RTV Productions and teach television
programming at Emmerson College
is just beyond me!

Here I'm putting up some photos from a reunion gathering from 2006.
Maybe you'll see yourself here. You'll see what you look like from the back!

Send in your old pictures and memories!!!

rex walked right into the theatre to meet with all
his loyal fans! -
The place just went crazy! I don't think
many people there expected him to spend so much time with
them! Rex was soon followed by Sgt.Billy and others who
signed autographs, photos, DVD's,-just everything and they
posed for lots and lots of photos with the fans too!!!