50th anniversary party page-2
The event made the news stations
that very evening and the following day! A lot of memories is also written in papers https://essaysbank.com/
A very excited Joanne V. Lariccia,  poses with rex for a photo.
She's the host of one of the last locally produced children's TV         
'Jo-Jo's Dreamcart'.
When rex and sgt. billy came out on stage, rex greeted
everyone with his old
"HOWDY kids!" shout, to which this
middle-aged crowd responded with
"Howdy rex!!!" He followed
that up with getting everyone to sing the opening
theme song.

After that, he asked for a show of hands, and asked how many in
the audience actually got on the
Boomtown show. I'd bet that a
good 60% of the crowd raised their hands!
rex, then,
told them all, "
well, come on down then!"  and he had them
go out the doorway,(to the left of the stage), and gather in the
hallway that runs behind the stage. When they were all in place,

pointed to the other doorway,(over to the right of the stage),
and said:
"Now for the benefit of the rest of you,(seated),.......here
is our
boomtown posse for today!" With that, everyone re-
entered the theatre, waving their hands, just like they did as kids,
back on the old program
. -WHAT-A-HOOT!!  

From there, it was sing-alongs and lot's of wonderful inside-stories
the cast and close friends, shared with the audience.

A good hour or so later and keeping with tradition, the show
closed with everyone singing
 the boomtown theme
once more.

this show was great trip  down memory lane!

Hopefully, there will be more shows here in 2007!
rex, had kind words to
share about two very
important people associated
with his old TV program.

The gentleman in the front
Skip Boucher. The
gentleman from behind is
'Pudge' Flynn.

Both are GREAT guys!

Emily Singer


Here, billy o'brien and rex, pose with Jan Connolly,
big boomtown fan! Everyone had a chance to pose with the cast
and get autographs, for a good hour, prior to the big show!
The Jimmy Tingle off Broadway Theatre in
Sommerville, MA, was packed with fans.