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                               memories already sent in:

One of my fondest memories is the 'bunkhouse' segment. This was a 1/2hr. program that
preceded the actual Boomtown show. The shows I remember were back when Pablo was
Rex Trailer's sidekick.

I'll bet that you'll agree that show had something special about it. I mean, I felt like I was actually there! I can remember being     
up before my parents,sitting there in my pajamas and almost like it was  part of a sleep over or something! I mean, it was just      
Rex,Pablo and me for that quiet 30 minute program.The show always seemed to revolve around      
some subject later revisited in the Boomtown telecast.

                                                   Bob Jordan

Thank you for starting a web site for fans of Rex Trailer, with 'Memories'!
Here are my memories:
Eating my cereal and sitting on the floor in my feetie-pajamas. Watching Rex and Goldrush, just wishing I could ride,or at least    
pet him.
Was invited to the show, then I had the measles and could not go. (I cried)!
Watching my parents smile and them watching the show with us.
His video.
+++Caution, this video can emotional!
                                                                                                                                                Joanne Brown

Dear Boomtown(memories):
Many years ago I was on your show. I believe it was more than once. I only wish I had photos of that.
Great memories are hard to find. Thanks. Glad to see Rex Trailer is still doing well.

                                                                                                                             formerly from Needham,MA
Patty from Marion,MA sends in this greatshot taken at a show down her way.
She thinks it may have been taken around 1963 or '64.
The odd looking fellow on the left is Homer Corncastle. Various people             
associated with the show would take turns playing this character who stood      
in for Pablo whenever he could not make a personal appearance.
This information comes from Skip Boucher who was Production                         
Co-ordinator on Boomtown in the early '60's,(he thinks the guy might be            
TThese 2 photos were sent in by Steve Salem from Coral Springs,Florida.
Steve grew up in Worcester,MA.
That's him,at age 7or8 on the far left,reaching out to Rex at what he thinks
was White City in Shrewsbury,MA in photos dated 1963.
Way to go,Steve! Thanks for the contributions!!!
I was a Boomtown boy. Deputy in 1962. Pablo and
Rex sat me on a donkey at 5 years old and I had the
saddle bag to give to Rex Trailer. What a thrill ! My
parents were watching me on tv. My father was so
excited to see me, he fell off the bed to get to the tv! I
was a star for a week when I went back to school ! To
this day I can still remember it!

                                                       Ed Sargent
                                                       Dorchester, Ma (in
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I grew up in Mass. and New Hampshire. I remember Saturday
and Sunday mornings sitting in front of the TV to watch
Boomtown. Sometimes, I would ride my rocking horse with Rex
Trailer as he rode into Boomtown. It was a great kids show and
I loved watching it as a kid. I also remember when Rex Trailer
appeared at the County Fair in New Boston,New Hampshire.
Great memories!

                                                                      Torrington, Ct.
Who IS that masked man?!!!

Why, he's
The Lone Ranger !

This old newspaper photo is from
Worcester Telegram and was
sent  in from   my pal, Jeff Snow.  
He got to see the 67 year old actor,
Clayton Moore, in one of his 3
shows in Worcester in 1982.
He's actually wearing
sunglasses,not his famous mask.

Mr Moore was sued for wearing the
Lone Ranger mask at public
appearances,by the movie studios
who wanted to update and bring in a
much younger actor.
In Court,Mr. Moore  claimed HE
was The Lone Ranger and had
been the character for(30?)years
or so,and he had every right  to
wear the mask.

Mr.Moore lost the case and was
quite upset but told the boys and
girls that he could not go against
the ruling of the courts. After all,
he was The Lone Ranger, a Texas
Ranger. A law -enforcement             

Justice prevailed,as the movie was
a total    flop and years later,he won
his case on  appeal. He did it the
right way,living up to     the character
and now the courts agreed,
HE was truely The Lone Ranger!

added note: Mr Moore died years
ago and  now there is a new comic
book series out  and a new movie is
planned to keep the character going
for a new generation.
              -Bob Jordan
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THIS GREATcontribution comes from
Cynthia (Gamble) Gumpright.
Look at these 2 cuties!!!

"I lived next to Weymouth High School    
and my dad took a neighborhood friend,
(Maureen Darcey-standing), and me to    
see Rex in the school auditorium; it was  
around 1964.
There were quite a number of kids there
and Rex did a few songs with SGT.Billy.
I was about 5 years old at the time and I recall the excitment generated by the       
event and the crowds' reaction to the performers. After Rex's show,everyone        
had a photo opportunity with him on stage with a western backdrop. It was a         
great photo and I was glad I had the opportunity  to live the experience. The          
meeting with Rex and the photo gave me that special "Boomtown Bonding"          
feeling when I watched him on tv in the many following years.
It was
the age of innocence which we'll probably never experience again."

                                                               "Thanks for the memories Rex!!"
          This page will post the memories you send into me.
    Your memories can be of anything related to the Boomtown show, cast,
     the people behind the scenes,personal appearances,anything!
send photos of rex or boomtown
Here's a great film Cindy     
sent us that her husband,         
Gary shot on First Night in        
Quincy in 2000!
With his opening "Howdy Folks!"
and our roaring reply "Howdy
Rex!",the show was in full motion
with the singing of 'Boomtown'!
The atmosphere was electric with
excitment. You could hear parents
whispering,trying to bring their
kids up to speed on who this guy
was. He played a couple of
numbers and then entertained us
all with a rendition of 'Old
McDonald's Farm',(using some of
the young kids,which is not in this
film). Rex then showed that he
can still dazzle the crowd with
some rope twirling. His
performance ended in customary
fashion with singing 'Boomtown'
again. It was a great show and it
was even greater to see that
energy,showmanship and
personal appeal were still
verymuch alive in Rex Trailer.
-Gary Gumpright
Pembroke, MA                3/2008