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I was on the (
'Boomtown') show between 1964-1967. Is there a         
way to find old footage if I can narrow down the date?
I live in New Hampshire and
Chronicle on WMUR ran a show on        
Rex Trailer a few nights ago. I didn't even realize that he was still       
alive. I was searching thru
WMUR and Google and came across        
your site. I must have been only 6 or 7 when I was on the show. I       
remember being seated near
Goldrush and the horse sneezed all       
over me!
                                             -Thanks, Gail Demoree
                                                                                                                                             Nov. 25,2008

I can remember EVERY Saturday and Sunday morning sitting and      
watching Rex Trailer riding in on his horse,
Goldrush. The only two     
sidekicks I remember is
The Chief and Pablo. I always envied the        
kids that got to go on his show, but there was always so many fun       
things going on to watch that even at home I could feel like I was         
I love the west, ( I never missed
The Annie Oakley Show) and back    
then the westerns on tv and in the movies were common. So when      
Rex Trailer came on and being young I never realized it "wasn't and    
old western town". He greeted everyone in the studio and at home      
and the wonder began. I think having
Goldrush as and important         
partner in the show made a lot of difference as well. He was                
special. When he did tricks,(such as roping and trick riding) it all          
seemed so natural that he just "knew" how to do these things. I can     
 remember the games and how he kept the show interesting. It was     
 probably the  only other time (besides when
Annie Oakley was on)     
 that my parents knew I would be occupied for a long period of time.    
 My folks bought me a cowgirl outfit with the fringe and the boots         
 and guns. Had to look the part.

A few years ago I bought the book "Boomtown" and was able to       
reminisce looking at the pictures of his activities on the show back      
It was great to see this special (
Chronicle) segment about him.         
Never realized he was still going strong.
Wishing Rex a very happy 80th birthday and thanks for the great         
Saturday and Sunday morning memories.
                                                                                                                           Nov. 23,2008

I was on 'Boomtown' in either 1966 or '67. We (four of us kids, 3       
boys and 1 girl) had a backyard carnival for MD in Whitman, MA,        
and got to present a check to Rex Trailer.
During the show, I was picked as  the "outlaw" by the kid that              
played the sheriff, even though I wasn't the real outlaw. There were   
numerous close-ups of me in the cardboard jail and I wish I could       
get a copy of that show to show my own kids. It was so much fun        
being on '
Boomtown', and I won a 'Sorry' game for being picked as     
the outlaw.
Who owns the old tapes of the shows? How far back to they exist?
                                           -Brian Powers
                                            Randolph, MA
You will have to believe all of this because who could make a story like this up?!!!
When I was 8 or 9, there was a place in MA that was like a western town that we       
would call now-a-days, a theme park. I begged my parents to take me and I wore     
my double holster six gun set I got from Santa the Christmas before. Rex did a         
show in the middle of the Wild West themed place and he picked me out of the         
audience to put on a goofy hat with a balloon on the top. He 'shot' the balloon of     
my head and told me to meet him at the coral later for my gift for doing the bit. It       
turned out to be a .45 of the Boomtown theme that I wish I still had. Now here is       
where the story comes forward to today and is wierd, but I swear is true. We             
found  a place in Abbington called 'Christmas Place' and in late November we          
went to find it. We live in North Providence,R.I. so it was a ride. While there I notice  
Santa, real beard and all and I waited until there were no children. I being 60, go       
up and shake his hand to say "Happy Christmas to you,Santa" and I said I was       
surprised to see him so early. He said to me,( if I'm lying, I'm dying!), "Why are you  
I saw you last year and the year before that and the year before that and I                   
remember you wanted a six gun holster set when you were about 7 or 8, so you      
should not be surprised to see me!" He ended by saying "Thanks for keeping my   
spirit alive." THAT is the very holster set I was wearing when Rex called me out of   
the crowd. You judge, but too close to be a lucky guess!!!
                                                                                            Take care,
                                                                                   Tom Gelfuso, No. Prov. R.I.
I'm thinking here
that Tom was at a
place called "Six
Gun City". I have a
8mm home
movie that my
dad shot there of
our visit. What a
BLAST seeing a
real Bank holdup
and the capture of
the holdup men!

I'm not sure if it
was part of
'Pleasure Island'
or was a theme
park unto itself
somewhere in MA
or maybe even
southern N.H.

Anyway Tom,
thanks for
sharing this story!
There is a Santa!
p.s.- Tom if you'd
like to view the Rex
Trailer .45 kid's
gun set, go to the
General Store.
Just go to the
'Music' page and
follow the DVD link
to Rex's site.
Maybe your kids
want one!
                                                                                                                                                        Jan 20,2009

Well I was quite surprised when a lady drove up to our farm out here in Harvard,MA and told me she had grown up
here. We have owned a farm here on ___ ____ Rd. for nine years.

I was a girl when
Boomtown was on, growing up in Somerville,MA. Saturday mornings I was always found
watching Boomtown from early morning, when
Pablo and Rex saddled up at the bunkhouse until the show had
gone through all it's action in
Boomtown. I even got to see Rex at The Boston Garden when my older brother, who
was a
Christian Science Monitor paperboy got complementary tickets. A highpoint in my life.

Getting back to the lady who stopped by my farm;

She said that her grandmother who had a large goat farm here in Harvard, knew Rex and when one of the
Goldrush retired, he was put out to pasture here at our place. Rex may have even landed on our farm!!!
This was exciting news to hear and I'll tell ya, I have two beautiful horses and a pony.
We have Count Holes In Pockets, an Appendix Quarter horse, who we call Pockets, and a lovely Belgian
XHaflinger who is a great Cart horse. Our pony, Ivory we acquired through the
MSPCA in Methuen. She is a Welch
cross. All white and blue eyes.

Lucky for me I met a man who liked kids and horses, so we have our own little Boomtown every day.
Best to all at Rex Trailer memories.
Would love to know if we really have a Goldrush buried out here somewhere.
I think I see him playing out there with my horses sometimes.

                                                                                                  - Ruth Bobzin
                                                                                                      Harvard MA
And now for the letter of the month:
I wrote Ruth back so she could get the answer to her question of  "Do we have a Goldrush buried out here,(on our farm), somewhere?"

Well, as I read the letter to Rex Trailer, he said "Yes.YES! Oh,my !!! "   I finished reading the letter and he said that that farm was known
as the
Vita Milk Dairy Goat Farm. " I was out to that farm many,MANY times. In fact we helped raise two goats from that farm on the
Boomtown show! The owner brought in the goats every week and we watched them growing up. I remember asking the kids about
naming one of them and who could think of a name and one kid yelled out GOATRUSH, haHa"

Well, there's your answer Ruth! Thanks for the Memory contribution.
Additional side note: Rex's FIRST Goldrush is the horse we're talking about.
                        Rex is currently riding
Goldrudh #4 !
                                                                                                                                         Jan 22,  2009

I was probably four or five when they took my cousin and me to
WBZ on Soldier's Field Road early on a
Saturday morning around 1961. I was amazed that we left our coats by the fireplace that I recognized as
Brother Bob Emery
's set. The Boomtown set had limoleum floors, and we sat on the floor in front of  the fake
bad land's backdrop scenery.
Hostess was apparently a sponsor because they gave us those fiffy  'Snowball
Cakes'. Well I somehow crawled through the split rail fence and had made my way under
Goldrush's feet, and
I was trying to place the snowball on the floor so that the horse would squish it with his hoof. When suddenly I
felt a hand grab me by the collar and swoop me away. It was
Pablo! They were scared that the horse was
going to squish me rather than the
Hostess Snow Ball.  All this on live T.V.!

Rex is the best! I later had the privilige to meet him as an adult when he did some video production work for the
company I was working for at the time. I was awestruck then as I had been as a child.
                                                                                                                           - John White
                                                                                                                                     Dayton, Ohio
John, I read your letter
to Rex and he gasped:

"Oh, Bob, can you
imagine the liability?!!!