Yes, Rex Trailer was not only a cowboy, he was and is a man
of  countless talent in many areas. One such interest Rex had
from early childhood was aviation.  His grandfather had an
airplane he used for keeping an eye out for the quarter horses
on the ranch in Texas. His grandfather taught Rex how to fly
and on his 14th birthday, Rex Trailer flew solo!
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"The very first helicopter I owned was the Brantley B2.  I had helicopters from,...hmm, from 1963-1970.
I also had a Brantley J2 once."

"A friend of mine and I went into the helo-transport business with a Cessna helicopter. A lot of people
don't even know that Cessna made helicopters, but they did. The Cessna looked like an airplane. It had
4 place,(4 seats). Now I began hearing stories of this helicopter blowing-up! I called the Cessna people
and they admitted that there was a fault in the design of the transmission, it would explode! And do you
know where that transmission was located? Right between the two front seats! Many people were killed.
I don't know the number, it wasn't really publicized, but there were a lot! I only found out by calling them
up on the phone! Well, the manufacturer bought them back for the full price we paid for them and out in
Wichita, Kansas they dug a big hole in the ground and shoved them in the ground with a big blade.
That's when Cessna got out of the helicopter business. They wanted nothing to do with helicopters from
then on."

"After being qualified, I had the 47J and it was a great ship. I had 5 of them to replace the Cessna's.
When the Jet Rangers came out, we got 5 of them. I flew them from Texas, where I bought them, and
flew them all up myself to Boston. I flew them ALL up.

"In all we had 38 heliports around RT128 and one at Logan airport. By the way, when we went to all
these town meetings, we had to refer to them as 'helo-pads'. You know,the town's people get kinda
crazy when they hear rhe word 'port'. They immediately think (of) Logan Airport and they think of all the
noise and everything and they say "I don't want those noisy helicopters flying over MY house!"

"Hanscolm Field was our maintenance facility."

"We were the most productive helicopter company in the country, transporting 500-600 passengers a

"You know what put us out of business? Nixon! Nixon lost Massachusetts in a landslide (in the
elections). He moved all the Areo-Space contracts to California. Imagine that !?  Just when you think
that nothing was going to sop us, we were out of business and had to sell, and not for our price,either. It
happened just like THAT!"

"One of the saddest days of my life was watching the buyers come into Hanscolm Field with 20 pilots
and mechanics to check out the helicopters and then seeing them all fly off in formation together. It
wasn't a good day."

"Other companies tried to do what we did, later on, but couldn't because of the big 128 bust. We had all
of the big companies like Digital and Raytheon and now they were all gone."
   Rex and his very first helicopter, the Brantley B-2 in 1962.
"I was kinda afraid that Goldrush was going to rear-up and into the       
 blade as we took that photo. Goldrush DID NOT like that helicopter!"
"In all, I had 5,000 hrs in fixed-wing time."
                               -Rex Trailer
We know that Rex made plenty of public appearances arriving in
his helicopter, but did you know that he owned a helicopter
company? Well, he did and here's the exclusive story given to