Hello there Bob,                                                              
I'm so glad you enjoyed my picture with Rex Trailer     
on  the
Flickr site because I sure had a lot of                 
enjoyment appearing on his show as a child.

I did purchase the Rex Trailer
DVD last year that         
was advertised on his website and although it had a      
clip from his Philadelphia show, I was not in it. There     
were 2 dance groups which alternated appearing on     
the show and it was the other group that was                 
featured in the clip. Will there be a new DVD next          
year as well?

Those were the very early days of television and          
everything was done live. My parents drove me into      
Philadelphia on alternate Saturday afternoons for         
about a year to do the show. I recall one of the guests  
being Jimmy Boyl who had the big hit "I Saw Mommy      
Kissing Santa Claus". I also recall Pete Boyl (the           
father of Peter Boyl) who had a show on right before    
or right after Rex's Show.

But what I remember the most was the Saturday night   
my parents took me to see Rex Trailer when he            
performed at
The Cowtown Rodeo. I'd never been to    
one before and I enjoyed so much seeing him.

You have a very nice website and I'd be honored if
you want to place my photo on it.
                        Best Regards,
                        Mary Jane
              Hi Robert!

                Here's a picture of Rex and me
            when I was just a boy. Thanks for
            putting me on the website. It's an
                                  -David Pike

A side note to our viewers: This photo was taken at               
Indian Ranch where Rex saw and heard young David             
perform. Rex was very impressed, he told me after I               
questioned him. This photo was autographed just                  
this year at :
The Massachusetts Country Music Association Awards    
where David and Rex both performed!!!
I really appreciate the kind words  
so many contributors send in          
about the Boomtown Memories    

We need  your contributions to      
keep this site going.

In case you are wondering, yes,    
Rex sees or hears about your         
memories and shares many             
behind the scene stories with          
me!                                    -Bob  
My sister, Patty Kempton sent me your website address because       
she knows how much I love Rex!                                                            
I grew up in Boston (Jamaica Plain) and loved watching Rex on TV.
I love horses! For some reason or another I wasn't one of the lucky     
ones that got to go on
'BOOMTOWN'. Well, years later, I attended   
a fund raiser in Waltham, MA- it was around 2001-03. My                     
brother-in-law, Rusty Rogers,another Hall of Fame inductee, was         
performing at the same hall. I FINALLY got to meet Rex when I was      
40 something. I was thrilled! My sister took the picture of me sitting      
on his lap that day.

Then in June 2006 my brother-in-law
Rusty Rogers (photo 2), was
receiving an award out at Indian Ranch in Webster, MA. I had the        
pleasure of meeting Rex again and had another photo taken (I'm         
next to Rex). I was 50 but felt like an overly excited 10 year old!

Also in the photo are my niece,
Monique and Rusty Rogers,                
sporting his award.

It was a huge thrill for me. Rex has touched so many lives and I feel    
blessed that I was finally able to meet him after 40+ years of being a    
huge fan.

Thanks for the great website!


Melinda Prescott
Stoughton, MA
Melinda, the pleasure is all mine!
This site grows in popularity because   
of the wonderful contributors we have!

Thanks for  the story and for                
sending in Patty's wonderful photos!    
I went to see the show twice when I was a kid, don't remember the exact years, probably 1969-1970-ish.
It was a great escape from my broken family's problems. I wanted so bad to be the deputy sheriff  for the day,
but never got to be, but at least I got to walk past the camera through the jail house with the music playing.

I remember what respect I felt for Rex, he seemed like the perfect entertainer to me.

Rex, if you read this, thanks for making me and probably alot of other kids like me feel a whole lot better       
about the world around them.

                                                                           -Hugh Wright
THIS STORY should put a lump in
anybody's throat!
Rex meant alot to all of us,but to        
walk in Hugh's shoes and read his    

I will make sure Rex reads this.        
I'm   sure he will be very                      

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My sisters got to be on the show. I must have been about 3 or 4 at the
time. I had to stay in a waiting room with the other little kids and moms. I      
wandered off and ended up in line with all the kids who were on the show.   
They were in line for goody bags. Rex Trailer gave me one too! That's all   
 I can remember. I don't remember what was in that bag, but I can still          
remember feeling left out of the fun and then feeling better because I got    
a goody bag too. I'm 44 years old now,.....maybe it's time to get over it :-)

                                       -Ali Sunderland Perry
                                       (grew up in good ol Hyde Park,
                                                               now in Seattle).
I wrote Ali back to ask her how she located this website. The follow-up        
letter  is her answer:
I found your website through Facebook. I joined the Facebook Boomtown Group      
and saw your listing there. I always wanted to go to Disneyland with Rex too. Every       
time his commercials came on I would just dream and want to go,...but that was out of   
the question in my family. Alas, I'm a parent now and can take my own kids to                
Disneyland ( I'm on the west coast )! Not the same without Rex though :-)
I watched a video of Rex that my older sister bought- and it had a clip of Santa's           
Village at Jordan Marsh. Oh the memories!
I'm glad to hear that Rex is still going strong. He's a treasure.
                                         -Ali Sunderland Perry

Yes, everybody, I am   
on the very popular site
I was on the show with my older brother's cub Scout den in '64 or '65 when I was six or seven   
years old. My mom woke us up about 4 a.m. which seemed like the middle of the night. I wore    
this indian chief costume I was really proud of, and in the car my brother and his friends con-
vinced me that Rex would probably shoot me when he rode in and saw an indian, ('gotta love
older brothers)!

When we got there I refused to get out of the car, but my mom was willing to take the bullet
and led the heap-big indian chief inside by the hand. As a kid I had no concept of what a T.V.    
set was, so imagine my surprise to find that the
Boomtown I faithfully watched on television       
was actually indoors in a rather small room under these really bright lights with cameras and      
cables, and most of the buildings were painted on curtains! Instead of galloping across the        
prairie to '
HOOFBEATS', Goldrush actually did a short trot from the next room for Rex's
entrance. I now look back and thank Boomtown for teaching me at such a young age how
powerful T.V. is at creating images.

I had a great time on the show, though about the only thing I remember is one of my                 
brother's friends, Bruce, competing in a game where he had to push a potato ( I think ) along
the floor with his nose. And what a great idea to have all the kids parade past the camera for
the wanted poster line up, ensuring that each kid gets their face on T.V. for a couple of
seconds- too bad this was before VCR's.

The other channels had
BOZO, MAJOR MUDD, and WILLIE WHISTLE, but my favorite was
and always will be

                                                                                      -Tom Stratton
                                                                                        on growing up in Sudbury,MA
Rex is sure to get
a kick out of this        
story. Thank you
for your contribution  

Mary Jane
Stevens sent
in her story and
from one of
Philadelphia TV

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