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                                                                                                           Oct 21, 2009

Many years ago, (I am now 71), I was teaching a group of pre-school children at a           
private school and we were learning about littering. I had watched your show with my
own children and we sang some songs with you but the one we shared the most was
'Litterbug'. In the classroom, I couldn't remember all the words to the song and the
kids were a little upset, so I told them we could try to call "Rex" and see if he could
help us. I got in touch with the station and they gave me the phone number where he
could be reached. I told him my "dilemma" and low and behold he SANG THE SONG           
FOR ME! I could't believe that he was so accommodating and that he would help us
in this way. The kids were delighted and we continued to learn all about littering.
   This memory stayed with me all these years, and when I heard that you were celebrating, I just
had to write and thank you for your time. I wonder if any of the kids remember?

                                                                                                                        "Miss Rachel" Kuketz
Hi Robert,
             Just came across this website. We recently had a high school class reunionfor 35 yrs. plus 3. One of my
classmates, whom I've known since 3rd grade, were talking about Boomtown. I mentioned that I remember getting
up before 6a.m. to catch Rex and Pablo at the bunk house before the live show. I would sit staring at the Indian
test pattern  with the sound on, waiting for the show to start. I remember the loud beep noise waking     up my
dad. He told me to go back to bed, but I didn't want to miss my favorite part of theshow. So glad that Rex is still
with us. I've never met him or been on the show, but the
memories of him and Pablo will live with me forever!
                                                                            - Dave Shea
                                                                              Pawtucket, R.I.
I can recall, (I'm 53, born in 1956), many years ago, when Rex Trailer and Pablo came to Fitchburg MA at Salma
Park. A bunch of us were swimming in the pond and could hear a horse coming along the road, excited we
were to see it was Rex Trailer and Goldrush! Apparently, he had a show scheduled there. We ran, soaking wet, over
to see him. He lifted me up on his horse and I tilted and fell off. I wasn't hurt, but to this day I have never attempted to
ride a horse again,...LOL

Pablo, Cactus Pete and Sgt. Billy added to the show we loved and watched on t.v., but Rex will be in our hearts
                                                                                                                          -Patty S.
I have 2 distinct memories of Boomtown (in addition to watching it every week). The first memory is going to Sunday
Mass at Our Lady of Mercy Church in Belmont. I can remember during communion one Sunday, whispering loudlly to
my mom, "Look, it's Pablo!" , as he walked by to receive Communion. Richard Kilbride, who played Pablo, lived in
Belmont. He was a customer of the pharmacy where my father worked and knew my dad.

The second memory is that I was lucky to be on Boomtown  when I was 9 years old. There were 4 of us that went and
it was one of my friend's birthday. Before the show, I remember Pablo asking if there was a Malone here. I raised my
hand and he asked me what my name was. I answered "Cheryl". He asked me my last name and I answered
"Malone". He then asked me to put it all together and I answered "Cheryl Malone". I was then chosen as General
Storekeeper. I can remember going through the doors of the General Store and seeing a kitchen counter top and
there was a big box of raisins. WHY I remember that, I don't know, but the memory is as vivid as it was 44 years ago.

                                                                                                                       -Cheryl Malone
       My family was on the Boomtown show on June 8th, 1968. This was the same day the nation was burying
Bobby Kennedy. Because of the funeral, the show was aired on June 15th, 1968 and we got to see ourselves on T.V.

       It was kind of a somber day. I can remember Rex talking to the parents during the breaks and getting a few
chuckles out of them. In any event, the day was one to remember.

      My brother Tommy was Sheriff. My brother Bobby was holding Rex's "Git-Fiddle" and I remember Rex telling my
brother, "Don't touch the knobs on the guitar". I was the Gate Keeper. We had a blast that day and needless to say,
we went home with a few prizes and memories. We never missed a show when we were kids and we often ate
breakfast in front of the T.V. just so we would not miss anything.

      I was laid off last year for the first time in twenty-six years. One of the ladies I worked with said to me, "Now
you can do what you've always wanted to do." I told her that I've always wanted to be a T.V. cowboy, but there's not
much demand for those anymore. In my life I've learned how to play the guitar, ride horses, scuba dive and I've even
worked for a couple of Commercial Airliners and now work for the Air Force. Do you think Rex has a positive
influence on us kids? I think so! I would love to stand beside Rex some day and play the Boomtown theme song with
him. I'm also hoping he's in the Columbus Day Parade this year in East Boston.

                                                                                                                           Thanks Rex!
                                                                                                                        -  Jim Ravagno

I first met Rex Trailer when I was four years old. My father was carrying me when meeting Rex for the first time. I was
watching Boomtown and saw Rex on T.V. so, it freaked me out to see him in person. My father introduced himself to
Rex and Rex said "Hi Ron" to my father. He then said "Hi little girl." to me and I let out an ungodly scream that
probably scared poor Rex. My father never let me forget it over the years and when I was about 30, I was marching
in the Natick MA 4th of July Parade and happened to see Rex, as he is in the parade every year. I told him the story
and he said "I bet your father never let you forget that, huh?" I told my father, later that day and the first thing he
said was, "Did you scream at him?" I'm now 47 and still remember it well.
                                                                                                                       - Debbie Zicko
                                                                                                                         Natick MA
Attached is a photo of us after running a Carnival for Dystrophy through Boomtown. We were sent tickets for the
show, probably around 1967. You can see in the photo, some of us are wearing gin belts. I was one of the girls
wearing guns and Rex sand a serinade to me, "Pistol Packin' Mama". We just had a 35th reunion for our old
neighborhood, and this was one of our favorite topics. WOW great memories!
                                                                                                                                     -The Hancock St Group
Howdy Rex! Sheriff Bob Dunn here.

I understand you met my older brother at the food court while waiting to go to your class at Emerson. He gave you
the exercise crush balls to work your right hand with. Keep it up. He tells me you hope to start playing your guitar
again. I play guitar and it would break my heart to give it up. I see your pictures on the WWW site and I see the
Gibson headstock. Of course now, this once fine guitar is a vintage collectible. It must sound incredible.

So, my brother, Tom, told me the story of how he met you and this is very cool. So, I point to myself and say "Oh
yea? -  Sheriff, I was Sheriff". I told him I was Sheriff on Boomtown and was very disappointed that years ago I had
read and then had lost an ad in a community newspaper soliciting stories from Boomtown and he referred me to this
(SIDE NOTE: This ad Bob Dunn speaks to was requesting stories for Rex's Boomtown Gold DVD- Bob Jordan)

Here's my Story  (refusing to cheat):

Bob Dunn, Boomtown Sheriff circa 1965 or 1966

My friend was a year older than me and had been on the show before and figured out the kid who's name was
called and marched off before the show to be photographed as "the bad guy".

So, I get picked as Sheriff and the rest of the kids file by. My friend is practically yelling in my ear "Look for Butch!",
who was the kid they had called in. I couldn't cheat. We picked a kid who wore the same type of sneakers and it
wasn't Butch, so, we didn't get the bad guy. I heard about that one for a loooonnnngggg time from the other kids!

The Sheriff's badge is long lost as little boys play with toys not collect them.

These are fond memories and it was fun to "one up" my older brother who met Rex Trailer!
Dear Sir,

               My name is Jim Pope and I have been a Deputy Sheriff in Fredrick County Maryland for 28 years  
now. My family moved to Maryland from Lunenburg, Ma in 1969. As a child I thought Rex was the greatest    
thing since sliced bread. I also believe that the example Rex showed is probably one of the reasons I went   
into Law Enforcement and not end up behind bars. I would somehow love to let Rex know this and obtain      
an autographed picture. Thank you for your time.
                                                                                 Respectfully, Jim Pope
Cowboys were always my heros and Saturday mornings meant  BOOMTOWN. Every week I'd hope Rex would perform one of his
wonderful rope tricks when he'd make that lasso and "corral" the entire group of children, that was magic for me.                                            
He was often at Kiwanis meetings in Sudbury at the Wayside Inn, where my mother was a waitress. He kindly gave me his autograph       
and got us to be on the show.

Since then, my business takes me several times a year to Fort Worth, Texas. Whenever I am in the Stockyards I pay a silent homage to    
 my hero, Rex Trailer.

                                                                                                                                         Mark and Donna Bertrand

     Kim Bent from R.I. PBS             
      sends us a great Rex clip:
     The Science Bug

             THANKS Kim!